The Challenges We Face

Day after day, we are confronted by media coverage of devastating hurricanes, ongoing destruction of tropical rainforests, disappearing species, oil spills and mining accidents and so on. Meanwhile, in Europe, we know that we are living the highlife – our footprint in the world is simply too big – and that, if everybody on earth consumed as much as we do, we would need an additional alternate world. It is impossible for everyone to enjoy the same material affluence that we do; on the other hand, billions of people worldwide consider it a model – a paradoxical situation without any likelihood of a just and equal life for everyone.

We know far too little about the imprint we leave in the Third World, about the consequences it has on people’s lives, nor is the connection with the media narrative about the aforementioned calamities obvious, nor do we have a sense of how much time we have left in which to turn things around.