The land we grab - seizing tropical rainforest and soil

Some impressions of the exhibition:

Extensive cattle farming accounts for ± 80% of the deforestation of the Amazon. (© Patrick Galbats)
Sugarcane is a driving force in Brazil for deforestation in the Amazon.(© ASTM )
On 23 Sept 2003, a veil of smoke from hundreds of forest and bush fires hangs over western Brazil and eastern Bolivia. (Source :
How our consumption model leads to rainforest destruction.(© Fleischatlas / Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung)
Worldwide, a new wave of land grabbing is leading to expulsion of small farmers and indigenous communities from their traditional land and to rainforest destruction. (© Patrick Galbats)
There are cases of successful local resistance against land grabbing projects, like against Herakles farms in Cameroon. (© Patrick Galbats )
Syngenta’s patronizing map of the « United Republic of Soya » illustrates the status of power gained by the multinational corporation in the central region of Latin America. (© Syngenta)
The deforestation map shows clearly the « arc of deforestation », the soya and pasture belt on the southeastern edge of Brazil’s Amazon basin. (Source : RAISG, 2012, and INPE, 2011 )

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