Impressions from the exhibition « We are all witnesses – People in a changing climate »


Aqqaluk Lynge from Greenland, former president of the Inuit Circumpolar Council : Life of inuits is changing due to warming climate and melting ice on land and see. (@ Inuit Circumpolar Council )
Stepanka Hanzlikova / Czech Republic who saved her life in the Odrou flood 2009 by hanging in birch tree that she planted a long time ago. (© Ivan Stritesky )
Anna Pirpamer, manager of the Alpine hut « Brandenburger Haus » in the Austrian Alpes in front of the retreating Kesselwandferner glacier. (© Anna Pirpamer )
The Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador, whose glaciers are melting so that there only one hielero (ice man) can still make his living by selling ice in the towns at the foot of the mountain. (© Felipe Segovia / EcoCiencia )
The Amazon rainforest and its indigenous inhabitants are suffering from droughts and from unusual rain periods. (© Camila Sobral Barra / ISA )
Ousseni Sayango from Burkina Faso whose just built house has been destroyed by an unusual tornado. (© Ba Mahamadou)
« The forest has lost its soul.» : testimony about the loss of vegetation cover in Tillabery region in Niger. ( © CESAO-PRN )
The catastrophic Uttarkhand floods in June 2013, here in Kedarnath at the foot of Indian Himalaya. (© Rohit Dimri )
Shadu Charan Mondol and his family / Bangladesh after cyclon Aila on 17.7.09, on the place where their house stood before (web photo). (© Caritas Bangladesh)